Peaceful House

Peaceful House ©P.Pascoe 2015

This wasn’t just a house to us -it was our home.

8 years of happiness. Chapters have come and gone.

Letting you go won’t be easy, house.

Nor the huge tree that hangs over my studio:

Creative antennae; city antidote; nesting place for owls.

Wooden shelves in the old piano room -just the right size for sheet music

where we slept , with our babies in the next room,

while the possums trundled overhead like a herd of elephants.

The single tone of a wandering parrot at dawn.

The barking tree owl, the family of tawny frog mouths..

I know  you’ll find other trees -this one will be gone when the house goes

-just like we’ll find another home.

Old light fittings, aqua tiles, green bath..

ancient kitchen : we’ll even miss you.

Your walls resonated life. You are in my songs and paintings.

Those that have lived here before and that have now passed on will come and pay their respects.

We didn’t just leave you, house. We were pushed.

Pushed on by the ever changing life we are in.

We weren’t quite ready- but when are we ever?

We’ve known peace here, house.

Thank you.

(Goodbye to our home. We have to move out unexpectedly. It’s being demolished to make way for something flash and new).



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